Submission Requirements

I am a content and line editor. For an explanation of what that is, as well as other some other types of editors, check here:  "Am I the editor for you?" 

1. I require the first 1000 words of the material you want to have edited, along with the MS total word count and the date (or time frame) you would like it started. I will edit the sample pages for free. This way we can decide if we want to work together.

2. I prefer you to send your story in a word document. I like to use track changes when possible.

3. I will not accept first drafts for content/line editing. If the sample pages you send are too rough of a draft I will explain why I won't do the job. 

4. I will send you the finished edit when I receive payment. You can pay via Paypal (I'll send you an invoice) or send a check. 

5. Please don't ask me to review a book I have edited on my blog.

Send questions and sample pages to:

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