Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Creative Writing Conference: Imaginarium September 2015 Louisville, KY

Join me and the creative writer's conference...

Imaginarium 2015 Guest of Honor

The programming at Imaginarium 2014 featured well over 140 workshops and panel sessions, and Imaginarium 2015 will be bigger and even better! Programming information will be updated here as everything unfolds! But rest assured that you will find one of the best weekends of content for your creative writing interests in the nation, or even world for that matter!


Host Venue
September 11-13, 2015 The host venue for The Imaginarium is the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Louisville Airport. The convention rate for Imaginarium 2015 is $99 a night! The Crowne Plaza is conveniently located right off I-65, adjacent to the airport.

Use the link to go to the official room reservation page for Imaginarium 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Program Panels
link to panel descriptions
(there might be minor changes, but I will keep this list up-to-date)

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Author Support Panels
Author's Assistants: A Crash Course
The Pros & Cons of Being a
Companions Need Love Too!

Writing Panels
Anthology Writing 101
Ask An Author: Horror
Ask An Author: LGBT Fiction
Ask An Author: Romance
Ask An Author: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
Ask An Author: Young Adult
Building a Better Bad Guy
CoAuthoring a Masterpiece
Crafting Your Cover
Day Jobs and Juggling Acts!
Faith in Fiction
Hero Vs. AntiHero
LGBT Themes in Popular Fiction
Mental Health and the Literary World
Multi-Genre Madness!
Outside Influences
Pen Name, Yes or No?
Plotters vs. Pantsers
The Plotting Panel
Writing A Series

Editorial Panels
Critique Groups
Editing Magazines
Finding the Right Editor
Your Friend, The Editor
Beta Readers: Pros and Cons
The Editor's Function
What Editors Expect of a Professional Author
So You Wanna Edit an Anthology?

Fandom Panels
Creative License vs. Plagiarism
Fan Fiction

Gaming Panels
Beyond the Dice: RPG as Role-
The GM's Guide to the Perfect Campaign
Daily? Weekly? When?

Mystery Panels
The Art of Mystery
The Big Reveal
Writing Romantic Suspense

Non-Fiction Panels
Historical Writing
Paranormal Reality
Short Form Non-Fiction

Publishing Panels
A Polished Novel is a Thing of Beauty
Amazon, Oh Amazon
Breaking the Cycle
Contract Negotiations
Indie or Agent?
The Indie World: Complications, Misconceptions, and Rewards
Paths of Publishing
Pitch Perfect
Publishing 101
Publishing Nightmares
Read the Instructions!
Self-Publishing for Dummies
Submission Etiquette
The Author's Publishing Toolkit
Whose Genre is it Anyway?
Writer's Organizations: Friend or Foe?

Romance Panels
Choosing Your Genre
Erotic Romance vs. Erotica
Fetish Romance and Today's Society
Formula-Free Romance
Happy Ever After
ROMANCE Make Me Scream!
Ghosts, Bigfoot, and Dinosaurs, Oh My!
Racial Lines in Romance
Romance for Boys?
The Authoress' Guide to Good, Steamy Romance
The Rise of Gay Romance

Social Media & Blogging Panels
Authors Behaving Badly Authors
Blog Tour Dos and Don'ts
Blogging 101
Book Marketing for Newbies
Facebook Marketing
Good Reviews
Handling Negative Reviews with Grace
Marketing Roundtable
Marketing Out of the Box
Troll-Free Promotion
Twitter, Oh Twitter!

Stage & Screen Panels
Documentary 101
From Page to Stage: Writing Dialogue
Scriptwriting 101

Speculative Panels
Cross Genre Writing
Genre Jargon
Horror is Love
Ladies of Horror
Lone Hero or Heroic Group
Non-Human Characters
Putting the Science in Science Fiction
Race and Speculative Fiction
Subgenre Spotlight: Dystopian & Post-Apocalyptic
Subgenre Spotlight: High & Epic Fantasy
Subgenre Spotlight: Horror
Subgenre Spotlight: Steampunk
Subgenre Spotlight: Sword & Sorcery
Subgenre Spotlight: Urban Fantasy
Subgenre Spotlight: Weird Westerns Wild
The Great Space Opera Debate
Unconventional Fantasy
Utilizing Local Settings in Urban Fantasy
Women in Genre
World Building: A Crash Course
The Zombie Apocalypse!

YA Panels
Crafting Believable Dialogue in YA Fiction
Choosing an Illustrator
Keeping YA Fiction Relevant
The Great Divide: Middle
Grade vs. YA
YA Fiction & the Teaching Environment
Writing Realistic Fiction
YA Romance - Beautiful Story or Sketchy Subject?
YA and Speculative Writing
Writing for Children
Fiction for Children


  1. I would like to attend these workshop classes if space is available.
    Ask an Author: Romance
    Blogging 101
    The Art of Mystery
    Publishing 101
    Paths of Publishing
    Scriptwriting 101

    Please let me know if space is available. Thank you.

    1. These are panels, you just show up and grab a seat! Hope to see you there :)