Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Release: Knight's Nemesis (Clementine Arer Book 1) by Misty Kayn

Congratualtions to Misty Kayn on the release of her fantasy Knight's Nemesis (Clementine Arer Book 1)
Knight's Nemesis (Clementine Arer Book 1)
by Misty Kayn
February 1, 2016

Print Length: 113 pages
Famine threatens the Nightlands. Powerful magic wielder Clementine wants nothing more than to sell her magical lily lamps in the market and avoid trouble, until she is confronted by a Wolf Clan’s Alpha who exposes her magic. Clementine must do her duty for the dying lands.

But, she is a dove crossbreed, a prey to any wolf, and yet, the prey must beat the predator or people will die.

***Adult Full Fantasy with a magical world, a dove shifter, and Alpha male wolves.
Setting: Nightlands
Coupling: MF
POV: Heroine
Person: 3rd/past
Sex-content: Yes, sensual sugarkink
HEA: Conclusive for book1. Series continues.
Cliffhanger: No. 

About the Author:
Born and raised in a non-English speaking household, Misty fluently curses in all languages available to her and parties with the characters in her books after she's picked up dolls, puzzles, and legos from the tiled floors of a home she shares with her husband

...and kids.

Shadowed under humor, her books often touch the dark side but hey, there's always romance and, after a series of dreadful events, a Happily Ever After where ponies fly over rainbows.

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