Sunday, April 10, 2016

New Release: Indigo Dax - The Graphic Novel by Bryan Pierce + giveaway

Congratulations to Bryan Pierce on the release of his science-fiction graphic novel Indigo Dax
Bryan is giving away 1000 ecopies of Indigo Dan
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Indigo Dax - The Graphic Novel
The Scorpion Empire is about to invade Earth. Supreme Lord Kesarex needs to take over a world that will enable him to expand his empire. But why would an insignificant, outer world like Earth have any impact on the Empire? Travel back in time with Dax, while Supreme Lord Kesarex tries to take over Earth in the present.

Over 105 full color pages tells the story about the beginning of The War for Earth. Graphic novel delivered as a downloadable digital PDF. PC, Mac, iOS and Android compatible.


Indigo Dax - The Graphic Novel
Posted by IndigoDax on Monday, March 28, 2016

The FB Game

Before the War for Earth, the Scorpion Empire will rise! This free Facebook game is a fun introduction to the Indigo Dax universe.

Play through 25 missions and learn the backstory to the creation of the Scorpion Empire. On each mission you can collect stars or purchase special items from the item store. Work with friends to gain items that will help you in future missions!

The Indigo Dax Game will take you deeper into the mythology, and give you a better understanding of the Indigo Dax Graphic novel.

My name is Bryan Pierce and I’m the creator of the Indigo Dax graphic novel and Indigo Dax Game. I’ve always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy, but I never felt like the gay community was well represented in that genre.
Indigo Dax Graphic Novel 1000 Copies Giveaway

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