Tuesday, August 24, 2021

New Release: The Exile's Gift: Starian Cycle #4 by Iris Foxglove

 Congratualtions to Iris Foxglove on the release of their MM Dark Fantasy The Exile's Gift: Starian Cycle #4

The Exile's Gift, Starian Cycle, Iris Foxglove, mmromance, gay romance, fantasy,
by Iris Foxglove
August 24, 2021
272 pages
Laurent and Sabre's story continues...

All Laurent de Rue wants to do is live a peaceful life with his husband, Sabre, and support his little sister Rose’s rise to stardom on the Starian stage. But learning the truth of his heritage, and rediscovering his magic, brings a whole new set of problems...most notably the Archmage of Mislia, who is determined to find the apostates who fled his wrath all those years ago. He’s willing to use any means necessary to track down Laurent, and that includes cursing his own son and heir, Hektor Drakos, who fled Mislia with Prince Adrien and is now all alone in a city that bears no love for his kind.

But Laurent soon discovers the dark-eyed mage and his clever fox demon is no threat...but a young man in need of healing and a place to hide from his terrifying, power-hungry father and his father’s demon -- a faceless creature who can travel vast distances through mirrors. Despite the danger, Laurent’s never been one to turn away someone in need of protection. As he and Sabre make a place for Hektor in their unconventional family, they’re besieged by old enemies and new threats alike, and Laurent will have to harness the true strength of his magical gift to protect the people he loves.

The one thing Adrien’s visions don’t predict is Isiodore de Mortain, his father’s confidante and the subject of Adrien’s long-standing, deeply embarrassing infatuation. Isiodore intercepts Adrien on his way to Mislia, but it’s too late to turn back—The two of them are now stranded on foreign soil, forced to rely on each other in order to get home in one piece. With Isiodore set on keeping Adrien safe, and Adrien determined to become the most troublesome prince in Starian history, a storm is brewing over Mislia...one that will surely sweep both of them out into uncharted waters.

About the Author:
Iris writes dark fantasy with an emphasis on biological imperative kink ("BDSM alternate universe" or "D/s-verse"), complex worldbuilding and unforgettable characters.

Iris is also on Patreon! Check it out for extras and all sorts of goodies here: https://www.patreon.com/irisfoxglove

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