Sunday, December 19, 2021

New Release: "Big Birds and Burglary" by Rune Stroud (A Flock of an Alibi - A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology Book 1)

 Congratulations to Rune Stroud on her cozy mystery short story "Big Birds and Burglary" in the A Flock of an Alibi (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology Book 1)

by Verena DeLuca, Connie Dowell, S. Newell, Mary Barbee, Brittany Brinegar, Rune Stroud, J. Justice, Zoey Chase
July 28, 2021
Discover ten captivating stories surrounding the national bird of the Bahamas.

From flocked towns to angry neighbors, everyone has strong feelings about this shrimp-loving feathered misfit. But love them or hate them, you’ll have a flocking good time reading how they become the focal point for 10 different mysteries.

A Flock of an Alibi, a flamingo-themed cozy mystery anthology, from ten flocking good authors.

A Bird-Brained Scheme by Connie B. Dowell
Poppy Ashfield, gardener and the new Town Witch, just wants to relax and guzzle coffee on Saturday morning when a talking flamingo arrives with a strange proclamation. Now she’s got to change out of her pajamas and try to stop a murder before the sun sets.

The Case of Flamingo Fakery by S. Newell
When Mandy wakes up to a town covered in flamingos, she assumes it's just another over-the-top town celebration, but the town decorating committee denies any responsibility. With tensions on the rise among the shopkeepers and flamingos coating every surface, Mandy must find the source before her best friend, Samuel, has a meltdown over the fact that he forgot to make flamingo cupcakes.

The Only Witness by Mary B. Barbee
Margaret Green and her pet flamingo, Fiona, are an inseparable pair, but their close relationship comes to a sudden end when Margaret’s lifeless body is found lying next to Fiona’s pool. In this compelling small town mystery, Margaret’s oldest daughter finds herself faced with the challenge of solving the crime and consoling poor Fiona, the only witness.

Red Herrings and Pink Flamingos by Brittany E. Brinegar
This afternoon I received an invite to the reading of Uncle Al’s last will and testament. The problem? I don’t have an Uncle Al. The mysterious stranger left me a ceramic flamingo with a hidden message. Turns out my fake uncle was murdered. Becky Robinson is on the case.

Big Birds and Burglary by Rune Stroud
When a music producer is killed, it'll take the witness statement of a flamingo to tie the killer to the crime.

Pink Flamingos and the Witch by J. J. Justice
Everyone loves a pool party! And this is especially true when the Lobelia Falls Resort throws a movie night at the pool to screen John Waters' "Pink Flamingos." But when a guest turns up dead, Meg Leisler (a new witch and COO of the resort) helps the town sheriff get to the bottom of the mystery.

Azure and the Case of the Flocked Yards by Verena DeLuca
Salutations, I’m Azure your local dragon. Shh, it’s a secret but I can trust you, right?
My human is an amateur sleuth—newsflash I’m better.
Join me as I outsmart the vile plastic pink bird plaguing our town.

Whole Lawn of Love by Zoey Chase
When Thea learns that her good friend, Hennie, has a difficult day ahead, she plans a flamingo surprise to cheer her up. But Thea’s cute idea turns into a pink plastic nightmare when a vandal strikes. Thea must bring the culprit to justice, while finding a way to comfort Hennie through a troubling day.

About the Author:
Rune has been telling tall tales since the age of five. Ghost stories and other paranormal tales are her favorites, especially if they’re funny.

When she was a child, she had an invisible friend. Now that she’s gotten older, she collects weird characters and odd people, both in her books and in real life. She’s a veteran, a mom, and a grandma. She’s also trainable. As proof, the squirrels have trained her to refill the bird feeder on command, and a local stray cat trained her to feed him even though he rewards her with hissing and won’t let her pet him.

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