Wednesday, April 21, 2021

New Release: Half Truths by Bronte Meredith (Nadia Mack)

Congratulations to MM author Bronte Meredith (Nadia Mack) on the release of her young adult contemporary gay romance novella Half Truths
Half Truths
by Bronte Meredith (Nadia Mack)
April 21, 2021
Genre: gay romance, contemporary
Hugo and Vader are best friends, boyfriends, and pen-pals.

They’ve also never met in person or talked on the phone.

Vader heads to Hugo’s parent’s sheep farm for the holidays.

What happens when Hugo realises that Vader hasn’t told him the whole truth? Or when he realises that he can’t hide the things he didn’t say in his letters either.

When their half truths start to unravel, their differences and their vulnerabilities are exposed.

Both their lies have the potential to destroy a five-year relationship or turn it into the most important one they’ve ever had.

About the Author:
I'm an Australian author who writes MM Romance.
I write a whole bunch of different sub-genres and was lucky enough to be invited to write with some amazing Young Adult authors for my first YA book Sunkissed.
I love my characters. I don't make them up, they pop into existence in my head. They often wake me up with conversations (sometimes heated) in the middle of the night, that need to be recorded for something later on.

I have so many notebooks filled with character situations and dialogue, that there probably should be a bookshelf cull. I need to write faster so that I can make room on my shelves for new notebooks.

If you want to reach out, I'm on Facebook with my OTHER author name Nadia Mack.

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