Sunday, April 11, 2021

New Release: The Last Kitsune by Melissa E Costa

Congratulations to Melissa E Costa on the release of her paranormal MM romance short story The Last Kitsune
(originally part of Virgin Shifters: Shifting for the First Time Anthology)
The Last Kitsune
by Melissa E Costa
April 9, 2021
57 pages
Shigeru thought he’d spend Coming-of-Age Day the way every normal twenty-year old does in Japan, not cleaning the remote shrine that’s been in his father’s family for generations.

And then there’s his cousin. From the moment he meets Kai, there’s something different about him with his wild, red hair and traditional dresswear.

Kai’s definitely got a secret. One that could change Shigeru’s life as he knows it.

Originally part of the Virgin Shifters anthology.

About the Author:
Melissa writes character-driven fiction, and any genre is fair game! When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, anime, manga and gaming. Living by the motto of trying all things twice, Melissa has jumped out of a perfectly good plane, swam with manatees, dove head first into Alice’s rabbit hole, and seduced classy ladies in 6-inch heels. A free-spirited bohemian, she currently lives in artsy St. Petersburg, Florida with her soulmate and their two, adorably needy cats.

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