Wednesday, February 17, 2021

New Release: Graceful Warrior - Nunnehi: Spirit Animal Series - Book 1 by Ann Kidwell

Congratulations to Ann Kidwell on the release of her debut novel Graceful Warrior - Nunnehi: Spirit Animal Series - Book 1
(this book released Feb 2019)
Graceful Warrior - Nunnehi: Spirit Animal Series - Book 1
by Ann Kidwell
February 6, 2019
233 pages
Two 14-year-old girls runaway to Seattle. What awaits them? Are they walking into a trap? A chance meeting at the SeaTac Airport will test the resilience of a shy, introverted 17-year-old girl with a gift she isn't aware she possesses. 

Becca: I’ve had enough of Mom smothering me and using me as her personal slave. I have someone who loves me and wants to make all my dreams come true. Tickets are waiting at the airport for me and my best friend Connie. He’s rich, handsome, and loves me. What could be better than that? Connie will be my bridesmaid at my wedding; then it will be too late for Mom to do anything. He said she would come around when she sees how much he loves me. Did I mention that he is a dream? 

Skye: I don’t want this gift. It is more like a curse. I can’t unknow what I have seen. I have seen her broken and being helped to a car. She is locked away and has no way of getting help. I think they made a mistake when I inherited this gift, I’m too shy and introverted, and the only thing I do well is dance. Casper, my Spirit Animal, is trying to teach me, but will I learn enough before it is too late. Oh, I hope she is strong because I don’t know that I am.

Trigger warnings - Adult content. Violence and sexual content

About the Author:
I started late in life as an author. I found that I loved to read YA fiction and paranormal stories. Since I read a lot of those books, I ventured to see if I could write one. It took me five years and multiple revisions. The research for my first book was daunting, but found that I learned so much from that. Graceful Warrior – Nunnehi, brings attention to the subject of human trafficking in a way that is tailored toward informing YA readers of the grooming process that is involved in the fast and growing pace of social media without being judgmental or preachy. I included the Cherokee Spirit Animal aspect as that is something that I found interesting. I believe that we all have Spirit Guides that help us in our times of need. I think we can all learn from the Native Americans and their reverence for life and Mother Earth.

I am working on Book two of the Spirit Animal Series – Nightbird, which I hope to have finished in the next couple of months.

I'm spending my free time, trying to train two rambunctious colts to let me play with them. Not one of my wisest endeavors, fun nonetheless. Learning all about growing house plants and reading anything I can get my hands on.

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