Wednesday, February 17, 2021

New Release: Severed: A Novella by H.G. Reed

Congratulations to H. G. Reed on the release of the mystery thriller Severed: A Novela
Severed: A Novella
by H.G. Reed
October 27th 2017
When snarky college student, Rory Halstead, witnesses a crime on campus, he must go to extreme measures to overcome his neurological disability and help police identify the suspect before a girl is killed and Rory is pinned for it.

"Of course, I look guilty. I'm the guy who was at the scene of the crime and won't tell anyone what he saw. My stupid, useless brain couldn’t form the words. No surprise there, I told them it would happen.

Now I’m sitting in an interrogation room with no less than three cops watching me from the double-sided mirror as if they can hear the tangential cascades in my head. They also see a blank notepad in front of me.

I’m going to prison for this."

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