Friday, April 24, 2015

New Release: After: Dying Light (AFTER post-apocalyptic series, Book 6) by Scott Nicholson

Congratulations to Scott Nicholson on the release of After: Dying Light (AFTER Book 6) the final installment of his post-apocalyptic series After.
After: Dying Light (AFTER post-apocalyptic series, Book 6)
by Scott Nicholson
“One of the most thrilling writers working today. Miss him at your peril.” – Blake Crouch, The Wayward Pines Trilogy

The thrilling conclusion to the AFTER post-apocalyptic thriller series!

After a bloody battle with mutant Zapheads, Rachel Wheeler’s life hangs in the balance as the world falls apart around her.

To save Rachel, a small group of survivors must find a missing baby, a hyperintelligent Zaphead with mysterious healing powers. The remaining Zapheads have reverted to mindless, violent savages who want to wipe out the human race. Only Rachel holds the key to understanding them and ending the devastating war.

Even if they succeed, a rogue military leader is imposing his fascist vision of the future. But Rachel and her friends are determined to defend their freedom and humanity at any cost.

About the author:

Author Scott Nicholson has written 15 thrillers, 60 short stories, four comics series, and six screenplays. He lives in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, where he tends an organic garden, successfully eludes stalkers, and generally lives the dream.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Release: The Magician's Secret: A Maggie the Gatherer Short Story by Melissa McArthur

Congratulations to Melissa McArthur on the release of her second A Maggie The Gatherer Short Story: The Magician's Secret
The Magician's Secret: A Maggie the Gatherer Short Story
by Melissa McArthur
In “The Magician’s Secret,” we come back to Maggie and the crew about a month after “The Weaver’s Fate.” Jordan has come back into town, this time without Gabrielle. Maggie, Jordan, and Julius visit a traveling carnival passing through, but where they expect to find stage tricks and high-priced hot dogs, instead they find a twisted web of magic, debts owed, and mysterious fortunes.

About the Author:
Melissa McArthur was born in Harlan County, Kentucky, but she now calls South Carolina home. When she isn’t writing, she works as a freelance editor at Clicking Keys. She also works as an adjunct instructor at a technical college in South Carolina. She teaches writing, English, and anything else they ask her to teach. Her goals in life are to be happy, tell stories, help writers reach their dreams, and live every day to the fullest.