Make sure you read my submission rules before you request a job.

There is a $25 minimum

Package #1 $.0025 per word
-1 round of line edits**
-1 blurb edit/consult
-cover feedback

Package #2 $.0025 per word
-1 round copy edits* or proofread- only finished MS can be copy-edited.
-1 blurb edit/consult
-cover feedback

Package #3
If I do your line edit at $.0025 per word. You get a copy edit for $.0015 per word

Example Prices at $.0025 per word
100,000 = $250
75,000 = $187
20,000 = $50
10,000 = $25

Average page counts and word counts (source: Fiction Factor)
The industry-standard preferred length is 250 words per page, which means a 400-page novel would be at about 100,000 words. The average length is 300 pages or 75,000 words.

Flash Fiction: 100 - 1,000 words
Short Story: 1,000 - 7,500 words
Novelette:  7,500 - 20,000 words
Novella: 20,000 - 50,000 words
Novel: 50,000 -110,000

My Average Turnaround Times
Novels - 7 days
Novella - 4 days
Short Stories - 2 days

Exact deadlines will be given after I have looked at your book sample and word count (pages). The more work involved the longer I may need, and the easier the job the shorter the turnaround time. 

I don't normally work weekends so take that into account when submitting. If I can do some work on Sat or Sun you will get your material sooner. There is no extra charge unless it is a rush.

Rush jobs: I will accept rushes for a 25% higher fee only if I know I can meet the deadline. For instance, you need a novel done in three days.

*Copy Editor: "The copy editor edits the finished (already line-edited) copy. She will go over the copy for misspellings, missing words, grammar, and other nit-picky but oh so important details. Every writer needs a copy editor. Writers never ever see what they leave out."

**Line editor: "the line editor looks for consistency in the actual words and structure of the book. Sometimes this job gets folded into content editing. Line editing requires the editor to look at the tiniest thing and to make queries like: She put on her hat on page 24. She put on her hat again on page 31. I didn't see her take the hat off. Do you want to add that?"