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Read my submission rules before you request a job.

There is a $25 minimum

One editing round $.0030 per word
-any kind of edit: developmental/content, line, copy.
-includes blurb edit/consult

Second editing round $.0020 per word 
(there is a discount if I did your first round of edits)
-any kind of edit
-includes blurb edit/consult

*if you have a particular circumstance, need, or graphic novel, contact me to discuss.

Example Prices at $.003 per word
100,000 x .003 = $300
75,000 x .003 = $225
20,000 x .003 = $60
10,000 .003 = $30
1-8,000 = $25

My Average Turnaround Times
Novels - 14 days
Novella - 7 days
Short Stories - 2 days

Exact deadlines will be given after I have looked at your book sample and word count (pages). The more work involved, the longer I may need, and the easier the job, the shorter the turnaround time. 

I don't usually work weekends, so take that into account when submitting. If I can do some work on Sat or Sun, you will get your material sooner. There is no extra charge unless it is a rush.

Rush jobs: I will accept rushes for a 25% higher fee only if I know I can meet the deadline. For instance, you need a novel done in three days.


  1. Do you edit video, too?

  2. I will be entering WFWA's Rising Star Award contest in May, and they require the first 3,000 words. Is this project that you'd take on?