Tuesday, July 16, 2019

New Release: The Maple Effect by Madeleine N Cull

Congratulations to Madeleine N Cull on the release of her MM romance The Maple Effect
The Maple Effect
by Madeleine N Cull
July 16, 2019
June Crow has spent every summer of his life in Bass Lake, California; soaking up the sun, getting in trouble with his beloved best friend, and escaping the reality that is his otherwise miserable life. Summer is what makes June’s world go around—hell, even his name suggests that—so when his parents decide not to renew their contract renting the cabin, June decides he deserves at least a chance to say goodbye. This is his last summer, after all.

So, he runs away. Simple, right?

As it turns out, nothing is simple when you’re eighteen. Not the cabin. Not the lake. And certainly not Aaron Valentine; the insecure, attractive, afraid-of-the-dark boy from Portland who shows up in the middle of the night.

"It's about growing up, mostly. Sometimes it's about family, and sometimes it’s about friends. Sometimes it's about love and loss, or the sound of cicadas in the heat of July. It's about what turns the leaves from green to orange; the moments faded to memories captured in an old photograph."

The Maple Effect is the early 2000's LGBTQ+ romance novel you never knew you needed.

About the Author:
Most of you probably know me as "Mccull" but you can also call me Maddie! I am a 23-year-old, cis female currently living in Medford, OR with my beloved cat Faye. I am a Webcomic Artist, a Novelist, and an "Artist Alley" regular. You can learn a lot more about me by clicking around this website, but also by following my social media!