Resources for Writers

I will include links to recommended writer services like copy editors, cover artists, artists, small press, writing craft book recommendations (from authors, agents, publishers), swag services, conventions... basically, any website/business/link that can benefit writers.

Also, I want to have guest posts from anyone in the industry about tips and tricks of the trade, marketing advice posts, wish someone had told me posts, Been there, done that! Do it again? posts. Pretty much endless possibilities. This could be just a cross-post from your website/business. 

Helpful writing links
Louise Harnby - info for self-editing and how to become a professional editor.

Artists/Cover artists
Adrienne Wilder (commission artwork)


Beta reading

Writing advice blogs
Pub(lishing) Crawl
Writer Beware Blogs
Terribleminds (Chuck Wendig)

Bulk promotional items
Swag Swagmaster Designs
Vista Print

Book tour / Promotions

Author Assistant Services

Website/blog design

Book Trailers

customized electronic newsletters

Writer friendly Conventions

Social Media services

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