Monday, November 25, 2019

New Release: A Broken Winter by Kale Night

Congratulations to Kale Night on the release of her MM fantasy novel A Broken Winter
A Broken Winter
by Kale Night
November 25, 2019
319 pages
Publisher: NineStar Press
General Auryn Tyrus is tired of serving an emperor who turns political dissidents into expensive steak and claims to have swallowed Ankari’s sun. He is fed up with pretending not to know Emperor Haken is buying biological weapons and collecting taxes for a war that doesn’t exist. Auryn’s role in the entire mirage leads him to drastic choices, but unexpected news halts his plans. Seven-year-old Keita Kaneko, the son of a former lover, is captured by the emperor’s special forces. Auryn secretly intervenes and spares Keita from execution.

Keita changes everything. Instead of feeling helpless and oppressed by a self-proclaimed living god, Auryn works to expose the emperor as a fraud. But he knows exactly will happen if he’s discovered, and the extent of Emperor Haken’s lies is worse than anticipated. If Auryn expects anyone to believe the truth, he’s going to need proof. And a lot of help.

About the Author:
Kale currently resides outside a small town in northern Alberta, where she works in a library. She’s an avid reader with an English degree from the University of Calgary. In her spare time, Kale loves playing video games, making chain maille, watching anime, and cultivating a steadily expanding bonsai collection.

Monday, November 18, 2019

New Release: Clear Sky Storm: A Story from the World of Impossible Target by Mark Wade

Congratulations to Mark Wade on the release of his short story Clear Sky Storm: A Story from the World of Impossible Target.
Clear Sky Storm: A Story from the World of Impossible Target
by Mark Wade
November 16, 2019
49 pages

From the Author of Impossible Target comes a “what-if” novella from the world of “Impossible Target”

December 1943. New York City is on fire, reeling from a massive surprise attack by German bombers. American military units have been pulled from the west coast to augment meager and embattled units on the East Coast in anticipation of further, and expected, attacks. A handful of air, ground, and naval units are the only remaining defense on the West Coast.
The Imperial Japanese War Machine Threatens

Military units of the Empire of Japan have sensed new American weakness and seized the opportunity. With unprecedented cooperation and coordination with Hitler’s military machine, Imperial Japanese forces have mobilized and are speeding towards vulnerable American targets

The Panama Canal Lies Wide Open to Attack

The Panama Canal Zone have been stripped to bolster the East Coast from further expected German attacks. A handful of air, ground, and naval units are the only defense available to defend the vital Allied waterway.

Once again, you’ll experience breathtaking action and historical drama as American soil is threatened by another foreign power. Japanese warplanes have been reported over the Panama Canal Zone. The handful of available American military units are scrambling to protect the vulnerable and vital waterway.

Can the Americans stop the Japanese bombers before they release their weapons on the vulnerable Panama Canal, or will the Imperial Japanese forces strike another “Impossible Target”?

About the Author:

Mark Wade lives in the Washington, DC region and is originally from Dallas, Texas. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University. An aficionado of aviation history since childhood, he got his private’s pilot’s license at age 24. Two of his greatest passions are aviation and military history. He served in the United States Navy as a Naval Flight Officer with almost 2000 hours flying the EA-6B Prowler. He is the youngest of four children and grew up hearing the stories of the ‘greatest generation’ from his parents and other relatives. Among his favorite authors are aviators including Stephen Coonts, Mark Berent, the late Jeff Ethell and the late Marshall Harrison. On Wade’s bucket list is flying a radial-engine airplane coast-to-coast with his daughter and chronicling the experience.