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I am a stay-at-home mom with two daughters (22 and 28) and have been married for 31 years. I have a BS in Biology from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Masters in Microbiology from NCSU. We live in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area of NC with the best two empty-nest standard poodles we could ask for, Winter (as in soldier) and Falco (as in Shane Falco). I like all kinds of music except Jazz (Jazz is just weird). I have a warped sense of humor and love going to reader and multi-media conventions because authors and artists are all 31 flavors of crazy like me.
I am partial to dark urban fantasy, but I read all types of speculative fiction and gay romances. I love action, adventure, horror, and fantasy comic books (Dark Horse Valiant Action Lab Comics). Action movies with big blow 'em up factors or Thor or Optimus Prime (swoon). I am a 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae kwon do, compete in dog sports (Rally, obedience, agility) and love spaghetti. 

I started reviewing books on Goodreads in 2010. Then became a guest reviewer at Love Romance Passion and realized I had a unique style that people enjoyed. In 2011 I became co-owner of Katie Dalton's review site I Smell Sheep. Together we have created a fabulously eclectic site that appeals to the book lover and the nerd. We have the coolest followers! Running a review site has given me an understanding of the publishing industry because we deal with readers, authors, publishers, and the blogging world. 

In 2012 I was asked to beta a paranormal romance novel and realized not only did I have a talent for content editing, but I loved it! I see a book as a puzzle, and I make sure the pieces all fit together the way they should. Many authors and friends encouraged me to become a freelance editor. With their help, I created Devil in the Details Editing to bring authors an affordable service and hopefully help connect them with resources and tools they can use in all aspects of their publishing journey.

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Special Thanks and Acknowledgements
Special thanks go out to Katie Dalton for being my cheerleader when I doubted myself and my partner in crime over at I Smell Sheep. Also, authors Lin Welch, Joleene Naylor, Scott NicholsonNancy Holzner, Dani Harper (Dani also designed the excellent Devil in the Details website!). And all the other authors who have let me cut my editing teeth on your books.

You can find me just about everywhere online.

Devil in the Details Editing email: devilinthedetailsediting@yahoo.com

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