Wednesday, March 20, 2024

New Release: Orange Sky: A Sci Fi Alien Romance (Manasty Series Book 1) by Aly Tatum

Congratulations to Ally Tatum on the re-release of her erotic sci-fi alien romance Orange Sky (Manasty Series Book 1)

Orange Sky: A Sci Fi Alien Romance (Manasty Series Book 1)
by Aly Tatum
**This book has been revised and edited**
She imagined she would meet a guy on her vacation. And she did. Right after she crashed on his planet.

Brynn’s dream vacation to Japan turned into a nightmare when she’s kidnapped by aliens. She escaped in a life pod and crash-landed on an orange planet. The first inhabitant she met is a towering, muscled alien male with blue eyes tinged with yellow specks and striped, soft gray fur covering his skin. And a wicked looking tail!

Trapped on Manasty, she soon learned that all female manasties were long ago extinct. The males in this world cannot breed with other species and rely on technology to propagate. Her survival depended on the male who rescued her. Is he a friend or foe? And why can’t she keep her hands off him?
He thought it was a routine mission for the Elders. He did not expect to rescue a female that made his beast purr for the first time.

Zirc, the famed Silver Beast, chanced upon an alien female that literally fell from the sky. Instead of reporting her to the planet’s ruling Council, he decided to take her on his mission to deliver the relic he found on her crash site. She smelled so good that his beast wanted to keep her.

He never liked females from nearby planets or the ones visiting their planet. Except when he shared females with Roqs, his lover and desired-mate-but-fate-had-other-plans. For now, he would keep the grabby female close and maybe, offer her as a return gift to Roqs. It has been months since he saw him because of Roqs’ crazy plan of forced separation. The latter believed doing so would trigger their mating instinct that would grant them rights to have a child.

The reunion would have to wait. A known ally betrayed him that would make him choose between Brynn and the relic.

This is a dark and thrilling story of survival, fated mates, and the fight to save a dying planet. Suitable for readers 18+ due to mature themes. Our heroine will end up with multiple love interests who are in relationships with each other. Series will end with HEA.

About the Author:
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Aly Tatum is the author of Orange Sky, a science fiction romance novel. She likes to write fun, sexy stories to make the world a better place to live in, one story at a time. She loves science fiction, the unknown, and romance. Aly puts her characters into different situations to create a unique out of this world reading experience for her readers.

When not writing, she is a full-time freelance contractor crunching numbers. She likes to travel with her family and friends, and is a proud fur mom.