Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New Release: Moonlit Waltz (Whispered Tales Book 1) by Kathleen Collins

Congratulations to Kathleen Collins on the release of her Cinderella retelling Moonlit Waltz (Whispered Tales Book 1) 
Moonlit Waltz (Whispered Tales Book 1)
by Kathleen Collins
August 30, 2017
166 pages
Once upon a time…

There was a girl, a boy and a dance. The girl shifted into a golden wolf and ran under the full moon. The boy was a prince with an obligation to his kingdom. And the dance was a moonlight ball for the prince to find his princess.

Josef and Ella have been in love since they were children, but it was doomed from the start. He is the last of the Gauthier line and the law of the goddess herself states a Gauthier must sit on the throne. Her blessing has assured it for hundreds of years. As shifting females can’t carry an infant to term, Ella is not a suitable match for her prince. They both try, and fail, to move on.

It is with a broken heart Prince Josef attends the ball. But there, under the light of the full moon, he dances a moonlit waltz and falls in love all over again. Perhaps there is hope after all.

A Cinderella Retelling

About the Author:

Kathleen Collins is the author of the Realm Walker urban fantasy series and the Whispered Tales twisted fairytales series. She describes herself as an author of all things fantasy, paranormal and romance. She lives in Kansas City in a house full of family and pets and can normally be found online. Occasionally she emerges from her writing den and can be spotted in the real world, though sightings are few and far between. She loves to talk to readers and fellow writers.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

New Release: Brink (Speculative Fiction short story collection) by Sherri Jordan-Asble

Congratulations to Sherri Jordan-Asble on the release of her speculative fiction short story collection.
by Sherri Jordan-Asble
Aug 12, 2017
149 pages
Fantasy, horror, and sci-fi stories blur in these dark speculative tales of fiction on the brink of our dimension.

Eleven short stories, plus two bonus stories in this collection.

About the Author:
Sherri Jordan-Asble lives with her family in Tampa, Florida. They enjoy kayaking, great movies, and drinking coffee. Sherri has a Master's degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, as well as an MBA and a Master's in Human Resources. She loves reading and writing about vampires, werewolves, and every other twisted little bump in the night. 

The Desolate Incubus series should be read in order or you will lose context, events, and will have confusion around character and character development. This includes Blood Pact. Even though it is primarily a prequel, there are events that take place between Fire Blood and Molten Blood. It's vital that you read in order as follows:

Summer Blood #1
Fire Blood #2
Blood Pact #3
Molten Blood #4

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Release: Seduced by Fire (Dragons of Bloodfire #3) by Erin Kellison

Congratulations to Erin Kellison on the release of her paranormal romance Seduced by Fire (Dragons of Bloodfire book 3)
Seduced by Fire: Dragons of Bloodfire 3
by Erin Kellison
Aug 8, 2017
242 pages
Seduced by Fire is the third book in the thrilling and passionate Dragons of Bloodfire series by bestselling author Erin Kellison.

Dragon shifter Ryder Magnus is living a lie. In order to search for lost and forgotten treasure, he lives secretly among humans, posing as a professor of antiquities. When his cover is blown—in front of a classroom of students, no less—he is determined to find the Bloodkin responsible and make them pay.

Bloodkin Aura Ortiz is in a race against time. She must find the powerful Bastard’s Eye before it falls into the wrong hands. When a viral video surfaces of Ryder, smoking with anger and on the verge of a shift, she can’t believe her luck. No one hunts treasure better than he does. If he won’t do it for friendship—that had gone up in flames years ago—will he do it for vengeance?

Aura gets under Ryder’s skin like no other woman—she always has. Their collaboration re-ignites old passions and sets Ryder on a hunt of his own…Aura herself.

As they delve deeper into darkness, their adversaries multiply. Knowing whom to trust is the difference between life and death. Can they put the past behind them and blaze a trail through danger to forge a future together?

About the author:
Erin Kellison is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of the Shadow series and Shadow Kissed series, which share the same world, where dark fantasy meets modern fairy tale. Delve into dreamscapes in her new Reveler series, releasing Summer 2014.