Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Release: Crucible: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (Next Book 5)

Congratulations to Scott Nicholson on the release of Crucible: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (Next Book 5)
Crucible: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (Next Book 5)
by Scott Nicholson
October 24, 2016

194 pages
"One of the most thrilling writers working today." - Blake Crouch, Dark Matter

Rachel Wheeler and her friends are held captive in a strange city ruled by mutant Zaps, but she is determined to use her powers to overthrow their captors and escape.

But the domed city is more than it appears, and the Zaps have developed mysterious technologies and materials that mimic organic tissue. The Zaps are building sinister new creatures, hoping to replace the Earth’s natural environment with one of their own creation. Meanwhile, the world beyond the dome is becoming increasingly more contaminated and hostile.

As Rachel and the others fight for survival, even the city itself seems determined to destroy them.

Look for the thrilling conclusion to the Next series, HALF LIFE.

About the author:

Author Scott Nicholson has written 15 thrillers, 60 short stories, four comics series, and six screenplays. He lives in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, where he tends an organic garden, successfully eludes stalkers, and generally lives the dream.

Try the series that started it all!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

New Release: Axion: Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides 2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) by Erin Kellison

Congratulations to Erin Kellison on the release of her sci-fi romance Axion: Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides 2 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)
by Erin Kellison
A close encounter in time...

Leif is an emissary to Earth on a mission to find a human bride for his Leader. He’s depending on the Red Rock Intergalactic Dating Agency to identify a suitable prospect and is shocked when that woman is Nina Simms, an intelligent and beautiful female who gets under his metallic gold skin like no other.

Nina wants to find an alien mate so she can dive into the deep black of space and explore other worlds among the stars. She doesn’t expect a Leif from the future to stagger into her life with a message: not only is he her mate, but he must also use his skills as an assassin, his function during the last intergalactic war, to save the people of Earth.

The past and future collide, and as passions ignite, mission and mating take a turn for the dangerous.

Intergalactic Dating Agency
Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides

#1 ~ Quantum
#2 ~ Axion
#3 ~ Paradox

About the author:
Erin Kellison is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of the Shadow series and Shadow Kissed series, which share the same world, where dark fantasy meets modern fairy tale. Delve into dreamscapes in her new Reveler series, releasing Summer 2014.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Release: Patrick's Story: Brothers of Darkness (Amaranthine #0) by Joleene Naylor

Congratulations to Joleene Naylor on the release of Patrick's Story: Brothers of Darkness (Amaranthine #0) in her urban fantasy series.
Patrick's Story: Brothers of Darkness (Amaranthine #0)
by Joleene Naylor
October 11th 2016
by Smashwords Edition
442 pages

“Not a love story…a dark spiral into blackness.”

“If you’ve read Shades of Gray, you know how this has to end.”

The prequel to Shades of Gray tells the story of Patrick and Michael, how they got tangled into Claudius’ web, and their valiant fight to escape.

When Patrick’s missing brother Michael returns, he brings with him a world of darkness. Turned into a vampire against his will, Michael is the coven’s whipping boy. When Patrick tries to help, he’s claimed as a slave who spends his weekends preparing victims, scooping ashes, and falling prey to the vampire’s twisted desires.

There’s only so much hell he can take, and when vampires from a warring coven offer sanctuary in exchange for cooperation, Patrick quickly agrees. What he expected to be a few months drags out into a long smear of nightmares, and though he fights for hope and freedom, the cost of victory may be more than he bargained for.

About the Author:
Joleene Naylor grew up in southwest Iowa surrounded by soybeans, corn and very little entertainment – so she made her own. She has been writing and drawing since she was a small child, with a particular leaning towards fantasy, horror and paranormal. It is this love of all that goes bump in the night that led her to write the Amaranthine series.

In her spare time she is a freelance artist, book cover designer and photographer. Joleene maintains blogs full of odd ramblings and hopes to win the lottery. Until she does, she and her husband live near Bolivar Missouri with their miniature zoo. However, unless she starts buying tickets she won’t win anything.