Saturday, July 6, 2024

New Release: Of Gryphons and Runes (Enchantress Rising Book 1) by E.A. Burnett

Congratualtions to E.A. Burnett on the release of Of Gryphons and Runes (Enchantress Rising Book 1): A romantic epic fantasy adventure

Of Gryphons and Runes (Enchantress Rising Book 1): A romantic epic fantasy adventure
by E.A. Burnett
July 6, 2024
Genre: new adult, epic fantasy, trilogy
Royal gryphons almost killed her brother. Now the queen demands that she train to fight with them.

When a royal gryphon nearly kills her brother, two things become clear to nineteen-year-old Farren Blackburn: she is not the best person to care for her brother, and she despises the vicious beast who changed him forever. But an unwanted letter commands her father to fulfill a decade-long Servitude to the crown. In a desperate attempt to protect her family, Farren takes her father’s place and is brought to Alidonia—a place full of infuriating Enchantments, a selfish queen, and two princes who are like oil and water.

Worst is her new duty: to train with the queen’s deadly, heartless gryphons. The gryphon guard has six weeks to prepare before they are launched onto the streets—putting innocent lives at risk of the gryphons’ ruthlessness. Their potent elemental magic and intricate runebonds do nothing to reassure Farren, but she has no choice in the matter—even when faced with the very beast who attacked her brother.

Of Gryphons and Runes is the first book of a New Adult epic fantasy trilogy filled with suspense, romance, and deep-spun mysteries. Perfect for readers who love animal-human bonds, mythical creatures, elemental and telepathic magic, lovers-to-enemies romance, and a strong female protagonist.


 About the Author
E.A. Burnett is an upper young adult and new adult epic fantasy author who writes evocative tales set in lush worlds full of magic, animals, and strong female protagonists. Her current publications, SILVERGLEN and ISLE OF WINGS, are two standalones set in the same universe--one full of magic and shapeshifters. She's currently wrapping up the first book in a trilogy, forthcoming in 2024.

Burnett grew up devouring works by Garth Nix, Robin McKinley, and Philip Pullman, among many other authors. She began her first novel in grade-school, with her youngest sister as her primary audience, and hasn’t stopped writing since. Today, Burnett lives in Ohio with her husband, two little people, and two rambunctious Labradors.