Recommendations from Authors

Quin Perin
Sultry Gay Romance

"Sharon is a true lifesaver. Putting a book together is stressful to begin with and editing is probably the hardest part for us. It felt like we were always in a panic, trying to get everything done and not being happy with it. But once we started with Sharon, it was like a layer of stress melted away. She makes us really examine the work that we've done, adds helpful suggestions, and really tightens up the stories. We are so ecstatic to work with her and we've been getting so many compliments on how much better the stories are. Would definitely recommend Sharon to everyone!"

Svc Ricketts
Multi-genre Contemporary Romance author and professional smart alec.

Joleene Naylor
Author of the dark urban fantasy Amaranthine series, cover artist and photographer

"I have been lucky enough to have Sharon beta several of my books, and I have been more than happy! Not only does she pose excellent questions that I haven't thought about, but she also makes great comments and really gives me a feel for what works and what doesn't. On top of that, she catches a lot of typos I miss! I hope to keep her as part of the Amaranthine team for many books to come!"

Scott Nicholson
amazon links to Scott's books
Author Scott Nicholson is a best selling author who has written 20 thrillers, 60 short stories, four comics series, and six screenplays.

"Sharon has a great eye for detail combined with a wide range of genre interests. She's edited several of my books and helped strengthen them quite a bit." - Scott Nicholson, McFall

Linda Welch
Author of the Whisperings Paranormal Mystery Series, urban fantasy Downside Rain, and dark urban fantasy anthology Femme Fetales

"When you’re a writer, the devil truly is in the details. Plot inconsistencies, sentence structure, repetition, incorrect punctuation—getting these details wrong can negatively impact the reader’s experience. Sharon’s eagle eye caught irregularities which would have embarrassed this author no end if they had appeared in the finished product, and her advice helped me develop both plot and characters. She was a pleasure to work with and I recommend her with no reservations."

Dani Harper
Author of CHANGELING MOON, RITA Finalist in Paranormal Romance

"Sharon Stogner has an excellent eye for plot and story, and her skills were invaluable in the development of my paranormal romance, Storm Warrior (Montlake Publishing, 2013). Like a conductor discerning a discordant note in a symphony, she is able to put her finger on a character reaction or relationship that isn't in sync. As an author, my perspective is sometimes skewed by being too close to my work in progress -- her questions and suggestions were spot-on, and often got me back on track. Sharon also has the perfect personality to work with a new author: she is friendly and easy to work with, and truly cares about the project she's working on. Plus, her rates are affordable. 

In addition to natural talent, Sharon brings to the table her experience as a reviewer of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, horror, science fiction and fantasy, plus graphic novels and movies of similar category. This, plus a lifelong love of reading , makes her an ideal candidate to vet a project in these genres. I highly recommend her."

Erin Kellison
Author of the dark urban/PNR series: Shadow seriesShadowed Kiss series, Shadow Touch novellas, Sci-fi romances.

"Sharon Stogner is an outstanding editor. Her innate sense of story and attention to detail make the perfect combination for a trusted review of my work. She's comprehensive, but not intrusive, and so very easy to work with. I highly recommender her."

Donna Augustine

"Working with Sharon on Shattered was a fantastic experience! I write very complicated plots with many characters, so having someone that was able to spot the inconsistencies was invaluable to me. She has a unique gift for spotting the tiniest errors. Not only did she tell me what I was doing wrong, she told me what I was doing right. This type of direction and input helped me write the best book possible. I plan to have a very long working relationship with her."

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