Monday, January 31, 2022

New Release: "Marshmallows and Missing Hounds" by Rune Stroud (A Campsite of Culprits - A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology Book 3)

  Congratulations to Rune Stroud on her cozy mystery short story "Marshmallows and Missing Hounds" in the A Campsite of Culprits (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology Book 3)

January 31, 2022
Whether you're camping in a tent, or glamping in a luxury RV the last thing you need on your outdoor adventure is murderer on the loose.

Join us in uncovering the culprit throughout each of these must-read authors!

About the Author:
Rune has been telling tall tales since the age of five. Ghost stories and other paranormal tales are her favorites, especially if they’re funny.

When she was a child, she had an invisible friend. Now that she’s gotten older, she collects weird characters and odd people, both in her books and in real life. She’s a veteran, a mom, and a grandma. She’s also trainable. As proof, the squirrels have trained her to refill the bird feeder on command, and a local stray cat trained her to feed him even though he rewards her with hissing and won’t let her pet him.