Tuesday, February 28, 2023

New Release: Light of the Dark Moon (Maradobu Chronicles #1) by Bernette Sherman

Congratulations to Bernette Sherman on the release of her epic fantasy Light of the Dark Moon (Maradobu Chronicles #1)
Light of the Dark Moon: A Royal Chosen One Epic Fantasy Adventure
by Bernette Sherman
January 26, 2023
Genre: Black & African American Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

An overlooked princess journeys to the edges of the realm to reclaim her stolen magic but discovers her entire world is at risk of destruction.


At twenty, Lafia Ketonga has reached the age of eligibility. She only has to pass her Demonstration of Magic and she can officially begin courting and start her path to her dream of being a light leader. However, her magic is inconsistent and she’s pretty sure it’s broken. She’s also certain that the gray smoke that has grown over the mountains above her kingdom of Narut, has something to do with it.

Lafia finds herself on an adventure that takes her to the magical land where her former mentor lives, and beyond, all with the hope she’ll find the answer to her failed magic.

Despite the impossible choice she faces between her dreams and saving the world and people she loves, she always remembers what all the royals of Faduwata understand.

Faduwata is, always.

About the Author:

Website-FB-TwitterBernette Sherman is a multi-genre writer of speculative fiction including science fiction and fantasy as well as inspiration, poetry, music, and scripts. She beats her own path and sometimes has a hard time following the rules and norms set by systems that feel outdated and unsuited to her way of being and writing.

Strength and diversity are often infused into stories of inner strength and self-discovery, making them beloved by those who take risks to explore the unknown - including little known writers and books.

Explore on. Who know what treasures you'll discover?

Bernette has lived in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area for more than twenty years and in addition to writing she is a wife and mom of two.