Tuesday, August 24, 2021

New Release: The Exile's Gift: Starian Cycle #4 by Iris Foxglove

 Congratualtions to Iris Foxglove on the release of their MM Dark Fantasy The Exile's Gift: Starian Cycle #4

The Exile's Gift, Starian Cycle, Iris Foxglove, mmromance, gay romance, fantasy,
by Iris Foxglove
August 24, 2021
272 pages
Laurent and Sabre's story continues...

All Laurent de Rue wants to do is live a peaceful life with his husband, Sabre, and support his little sister Rose’s rise to stardom on the Starian stage. But learning the truth of his heritage, and rediscovering his magic, brings a whole new set of problems...most notably the Archmage of Mislia, who is determined to find the apostates who fled his wrath all those years ago. He’s willing to use any means necessary to track down Laurent, and that includes cursing his own son and heir, Hektor Drakos, who fled Mislia with Prince Adrien and is now all alone in a city that bears no love for his kind.

But Laurent soon discovers the dark-eyed mage and his clever fox demon is no threat...but a young man in need of healing and a place to hide from his terrifying, power-hungry father and his father’s demon -- a faceless creature who can travel vast distances through mirrors. Despite the danger, Laurent’s never been one to turn away someone in need of protection. As he and Sabre make a place for Hektor in their unconventional family, they’re besieged by old enemies and new threats alike, and Laurent will have to harness the true strength of his magical gift to protect the people he loves.

The one thing Adrien’s visions don’t predict is Isiodore de Mortain, his father’s confidante and the subject of Adrien’s long-standing, deeply embarrassing infatuation. Isiodore intercepts Adrien on his way to Mislia, but it’s too late to turn back—The two of them are now stranded on foreign soil, forced to rely on each other in order to get home in one piece. With Isiodore set on keeping Adrien safe, and Adrien determined to become the most troublesome prince in Starian history, a storm is brewing over Mislia...one that will surely sweep both of them out into uncharted waters.

About the Author:
Iris writes dark fantasy with an emphasis on biological imperative kink ("BDSM alternate universe" or "D/s-verse"), complex worldbuilding and unforgettable characters.

Iris is also on Patreon! Check it out for extras and all sorts of goodies here: https://www.patreon.com/irisfoxglove

Sunday, August 22, 2021

New Release: RAWHIDE by Madeleine N Cull, B Rowdy Lufkin

Congratualtions to Madeleine N Cull and B Rowdy Lufkin on the release of their erotic MM romance short story RAWHIDE (Honorable Discharge short story)
by Madeleine N Cull, B Rowdy Lufkin
August 20, 2021
Genre: BDSM, romance
Summer isn't easy on Beau and Sage, two young, overworked ranch hands whose relationship is fraying at the edges. And if that’s not bad enough, they are put to the test when an unexpected visitor arrives—Sage’s ex. Rhett Rawlins, a mountainous, burly cowboy from Texas, is lookin’ for some action and will stop at nothing to make sure he gets what he wants. Attempting to protect his partner, Beau finds out the hard way not all fights are fair, and he is left humiliated and desperate to redeem himself.

Can Beau rewrite Sage’s past and show him how a real cowboy satisfies his lover? He has an idea that could benefit them both…

“So, you like it raw? I’ll show you raw…."

Madeleine N. Cull, esteemed LGTBQ+ author of Honorable Discharge and The Maple Effect, and B. Rowdy Lufkin bring you a light BDSM m/m story that’ll show you just how hot the barn can get.

About the Author:
Most of you probably know me as "Mccull" but you can also call me Maddie! I am a 23-year-old, cis female currently living in Medford, OR with my beloved cat Faye. I am a Webcomic Artist, a Novelist, and an "Artist Alley" regular. You can learn a lot more about me by clicking around this website, but also by following my social media!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

New Release: Feral Hearts: Book 1 by Melissa E Costa

Congratualtions to Melissa E Costa on the release of her MM Omegaverse Romance Feral Hearts #1
Feral Hearts: Book 1
by Melissa E Costa
August 19, 2021
To save the one he loves, he must face the beast within.

Alex isn’t a traditional alpha—he’s gentle, awkward, and caring. He also has no desire to assume leadership of the Black Moon Pack once his father steps down.

Talen is an omega stray, taken in by Alex’s parents and raised as his brother. He’s also straight, emotionally damaged, and the love of Alex’s life.

Now of age, Talen is forced into the role of an omega—those treated little better than slaves. Worse yet, the monster inside of Alex has awoken and set its sights on Talen. The beast will stop at nothing to get what it wants, even if it takes the whole world down to do it.

Alex must face his worst nightmares if he ever has a chance at protecting Talen. Is he strong enough to bring them together, or will he lose Talen along with the pack?

This three-book series tells a continuous story with a resolution at the end of book three.

Friends to Lovers. Childhood friends. Childhood friends to lovers. Gay for you. Alpha-Omega. Omegaverse.

About the Author:
Melissa writes character-driven fiction, and any genre is fair game! When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, anime, manga and gaming. Living by the motto of trying all things twice, Melissa has jumped out of a perfectly good plane, swam with manatees, dove head first into Alice’s rabbit hole, and seduced classy ladies in 6-inch heels. A free-spirited bohemian, she currently lives in artsy St. Petersburg, Florida with her soulmate and their two, adorably needy cats.

Friday, August 13, 2021

New Release: Sought (The Wolf's Den Book 3) by Aline Hunter

Congratulations to Aline Hunter on the release of her PNR Sought (The Wolf's Den Book 3)
Sought (The Wolf's Den Book 3)
by Aline Hunter
August 13, 2021
Book 3 of 4: The Wolf's Den
144 pages
There can be light in the dark...

Shane Heyward left everything behind to find his mate. He struggled for months, following his wolf to her location, guided to a place where supernatural beings exist and thrive. Despite being capable of leading his own pack, he chose to join one. When he finds his mate by accident, he's shaken by the truth. Not only is she blind, the wolf within her is completely feral. If he can't help her take control of the beast, she'll have to be destroyed.

Luna Lowe was forced to leave her previous pack after she shifted, attacked, and almost killed two members—one of which was her sister. She's ashamed of her behavior, wondering if death is preferable to living alone, when the male she believed abandoned her due to her lack of sight arrives.

As Shane and Luna come together, he learns her history. His female was wronged, and the insult has to be dealt with swiftly and harshly. As he takes charge and seeks retribution, reverting to his Alpha nature, everything will change—for both of them.

About the Author:
FB Group
Aline Hunter is the alias of multi-published author J.A. Saare, who has written stories featured in horror magazines, zombie romance anthologies, and flash fiction contests. Her work has a dark undertone, which she credits to her love of old eighties horror films, tastes in music, and choices in reading, and has been described as "full of sensual promise," "gritty and sexy" and "a breath of fresh air."

Currently, she is penning projects within the urban fantasy, erotic and contemporary, and paranormal romance categories. You can visit her online at www.alinehunter.com.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

New Release: The Law Of Seduction (Suit Up Book 1) by Sylvia Quinn

Congratualtions to Sylvia Quinn on the release of her MM romantic comedy The Law Of Seduction (Suit Up Book 1)
The Law Of Seduction (Suit Up Book 1)
by Sylvia Quinn
August 2, 2021
281 pages
Pro tip: no matter how cute the guy, always make sure he’s not your boss before you pounce him like prey.

How often do you learn the gorgeous guy you’ve almost hooked up with last week is going to be your co-worker? I’d say roughly never, so when I saw him in the office on my very first day, I explicitly made sure he knew he’s in for a fun ride.

If only it hadn’t turned out Ethan’s actually a partner at the firm.

Yep, that’s right. I have all but solicited my boss, and now I’m somewhere between screwed and fired.

If only I could stop thinking about him, maybe I’d manage to get myself out of this mess, but apparently, what I can’t have seems to pull me the most.

How’s that for a fresh start in life?

There are two things I never do: people I work with, and...

Okay, there’s one thing I never do, so you get the idea of how important that rule is. I will not jeopardize my career. Again.

If only Nate could stop being so damn cute.

Under different circumstances, I’d avoid the hell out of him, but it’s kind of hard when you’re forced to work together. And that’s not the only thing that’s hard around him.

Of course, at thirty-one I’m perfectly capable of pretending to be an adult and controlling myself, so I’m safe, no matter how persistent he is.

Totally, utterly safe.

I promise!

** The Law Of Seduction is a MM romance novel with a HEA that can be read as a standalone or as a part of the Suit Up series. If you don’t enjoy a hefty dose of humor, slightly neurotic characters, over-the-top steam, and pet snakes that get in the way, this book is probably not for you.

About the Author: