Thursday, March 30, 2023

New Release: Earth Force (Relict Legacy Book 3) by Shemer Kuznits

Congratulations to Shemer Kuznits on the release of his science fiction RPGLit novel Earth Force (Relict Legacy Book 3)
Earth Force (Relict Legacy Book 3)
by Shemer Kuznits
March 30, 2023
Genre: Galactic Empire Science Fiction, science fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
The conclusion of the best-selling trilogy!

The name of the culprit behind Earth’s Calamity has finally been revealed, and it's one feared by all: Eater of Worlds.

As the spearheads of humanity, it's now up for Unity and her crew to search for the means to thwart the inevitable ending, but for that, they’ll also need the support of every surviving human on the planet.

And that's not so easily accomplished.

Even as doom creeps closer, the majority of the remaining population still struggles against the endless hordes of mutated monsters. Before facing the ultimate threat, the crew must find ways to uplift the rest of humanity and reclaim their planet.

Only then will the human race stand a chance against the final apocalypse.

About the Author:
Shemer has been a fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and RPG games since the early 80’s.

In 2016 he started writing his first novel: Life Reset which turned into a 6-book series with its grand finale published in 2021. Each book in the series became an Amazon bestseller.

In 2019 Shemer quit his day job as a software developer to become a full-time author and released his second series: Earth Force, a sci-fi series consisting of a 2-book arc. Shemer hopes to garner enough community awareness and support to start writing the second arc. 

As an avid gamer, a D&D dungeon master, and Navy veteran, Shemer has a wealth of life experience to draw on for his writing. His books always include elements of kingdom/settlement development where the protagonist is forced to carve out a new place for themselves in the face of adversity.

Shemer spends his days writing and his nights fighting crime (well, mostly convincing his kids to go to bed, which is very similar).

Shemer also enjoys writing about himself in the third-person and hopes you find his work enjoyable.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

New Release: Light of the Dark Moon (Maradobu Chronicles #1) by Bernette Sherman

Congratulations to Bernette Sherman on the release of her epic fantasy Light of the Dark Moon (Maradobu Chronicles #1)
Light of the Dark Moon: A Royal Chosen One Epic Fantasy Adventure
by Bernette Sherman
January 26, 2023
Genre: Black & African American Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

An overlooked princess journeys to the edges of the realm to reclaim her stolen magic but discovers her entire world is at risk of destruction.


At twenty, Lafia Ketonga has reached the age of eligibility. She only has to pass her Demonstration of Magic and she can officially begin courting and start her path to her dream of being a light leader. However, her magic is inconsistent and she’s pretty sure it’s broken. She’s also certain that the gray smoke that has grown over the mountains above her kingdom of Narut, has something to do with it.

Lafia finds herself on an adventure that takes her to the magical land where her former mentor lives, and beyond, all with the hope she’ll find the answer to her failed magic.

Despite the impossible choice she faces between her dreams and saving the world and people she loves, she always remembers what all the royals of Faduwata understand.

Faduwata is, always.

About the Author:

Website-FB-TwitterBernette Sherman is a multi-genre writer of speculative fiction including science fiction and fantasy as well as inspiration, poetry, music, and scripts. She beats her own path and sometimes has a hard time following the rules and norms set by systems that feel outdated and unsuited to her way of being and writing.

Strength and diversity are often infused into stories of inner strength and self-discovery, making them beloved by those who take risks to explore the unknown - including little known writers and books.

Explore on. Who know what treasures you'll discover?

Bernette has lived in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area for more than twenty years and in addition to writing she is a wife and mom of two.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

New Release: Armadillos and Arson (Mystic Mountain Wildlife Rescue Cozy Mystery Book 3) by Rune Stroud

Congratulations to Rune Stroud on the release of Armadillos and Arson (Mystic Mountain Wildlife Rescue Cozy Mystery Book 3)
Armadillos and Arson (Mystic Mountain Wildlife Rescue Cozy Mystery Book 3)
by Rune Stroud
January 1, 2023
Finding bodies is the easy part. It’s keeping the wrong person from going to jail that’s difficult.

Simon, Autumn’s raven familiar, alerts her to the fire at a neighbor’s home. When she races to save the animals with her cousins by her side, they find more than just a simple fire. One of the homeowners has been killed. After she finds a second body, Autumn calls her cousin Rowan once again. Unfortunately, with that same cousin going up against the sheriff in local elections, she brings suspicion to the person she depends on the most.

When he is accused of the murder, Autumn and Simon must clear his name and find the real killer before his reputation is ruined. Or worse.

Warning: LGBTQIA people shown living normal lives. If you don’t like that, you won’t like these books.

About the Author:
Rune has been telling tall tales since the age of five. Ghost stories and other paranormal tales are her favorites, especially if they’re funny.

When she was a child, she had an invisible friend. Now that she’s gotten older, she collects weird characters and odd people, both in her books and in real life. She’s a veteran, a mom, and a grandma. She’s also trainable. As proof, the squirrels have trained her to refill the bird feeder on command, and a local stray cat trained her to feed him even though he rewards her with hissing and won’t let her pet him.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

3 Easy Tips to Help You Revise Your Novel from Janice Hardy!

I love Janice Hardy's Fiction University Website, and so should you! So much useful info on writing and self-editing.
She guest-posted over at Writers In the Storm and talked about revisions (self-editing) and it is worth your time to check it out. 
Step #2 is one I spend a lot of time correcting on most of the projects (yes, including yours!) It is a self-editing step that will make your writing stronger! The better self-editing you do the better job your editor can do.

Take a look HERE


Sunday, December 4, 2022

New Release: Before After (The Shadow City Chronicles #1) by Claire S Duffy

Congratulations to Claire S Duffy on the release of her debut urban fantasy Before After (The Shadow City Chronicles #1)
Before After (The Shadow City Chronicles #1)
by Claire S Duffy
November 26, 2022
Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal “Buffy meets Outlander”
He’s been killing for hundreds of years.

But he reckoned without her.

Kirsty has always been alone.

It’s fine. It’s what she’s chosen. People, as a general rule, are more trouble than they’re worth. It’s why God invented batteries.

But when she comes across the man being burned alive on the banks of the Clyde, she can’t just let him die. Without a second thought she batters in to save his life…

And accidentally tears the fabric of time.

Now an ancient serial killer is on the loose and only Kirsty can make him regret he was ever born.

Even if it means killing the only person who ever loved her.

Sometimes she can bloody well see all these magic destiny shenanigans far enough.

The twisty, laugh out loud funny start to a seductive fantasy series. Buffy meets Outlander with a side order of Taggart. If you like fast-paced action, Glasgow humour and women who take no prisoners, you’ll love Before Again.

About the Author:
When she’s not wandering around Glasgow dreaming up sexy vikings and tears in the fabric of time, Claire S Duffy writes best selling the crime fiction series Glasgow Kiss and the Stockholm Murders under CS Duffy. She’s also a screenwriter and blogs about the feminist dawn of Hollywood at Fully Fifty-Fifty on Substack.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Demon Moon: A Carolina Sky side story; stand-alone MM romance with demons by Lynn Michaels

Congratulations to Lynn Michaels on the release of the MM paranormal romance Demon Moon: A Carolina Sky Side Story
Demon Moon: A Carolina Sky side story; stand-alone MM romance with demons
by Lynn Michaels
November 16, 2022
A demon can change everything – including your heart

Seth had always been on his own. Alone. He was nothing special. So why was a demon after him? All he wanted to do was finish grad school, write some poetry, and fall in love, preferably with his agent, Ken. But with this target on his back, he couldn’t let Ken close.

It was becoming too difficult to resist his client. Seth was adorable. And he was in trouble. The supernatural kind. They were in over his head, but Ken had to try and help him.

Was there any chance in hell to defeat the demon and find their happily ever after?

Supernatural MM Romance thriller with demons, metalcore bands, and a hell hound.

Friends to lovers, music, poetry and demons!

(You do not have to have read any of Carolina Sky to enjoy this stand alone!)

About the Author:
Lynn Michaels lives and writes in Tampa, Florida where the sun is hot and the Sangria is cold. When she's not writing she's kayaking, hanging with her husband, or reading by the pool. Lynn writes Male/Male romance because she believes everyone deserves a happy ending and the dynamics of male characters can be intriguing, vulnerable, and exciting. She has both contemporary and paranormal titles and has been writing since 2014. Her stories don't follow any set guidelines or ideas, but come from her heart and contain love in many forms.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

New Release: Standing in a Field with Horses - A memoir of equine connection by Maeve Birch

Congratulations to Maeve Birch on the release of her memoir Standing in a Field with Horses -
A memoir of equine connection.

Standing in a Field With Horses
by Maeve Birch
November 5, 2022
Genre: animal care, pets, animal psychology
A memoir of equine connection.

If you're not "boss mare" material, can you still work with horses? This was the question Maeve faced each time she interacted with a horse. If it wasn't in her nature to dominate this animal, could she be around them and still stay true to herself? The equestrian world shouted in unison, "Get after him! Tell him who's boss!" Yet Maeve couldn't. When she did, it grated against her soul. Could she successfully navigate a life with equines if her leadership looked different?

In this moving memoir, Maeve Birch explores the dynamics between traditional horse handling and her communications with horses, which often didn't align with what she was taught. In the stories shared, human issues such as codependency, lack of boundaries, impatience, violence, and fear crop up again and again, shaping numerous horse and human relationships. Standing in a Field With Horses traces the psychology, spirituality, and social dynamics of a woman trapped between obedience and self-expression along with the horses. As the practice of horse care and behavior study evolves, so too do the humans who cherish their hooved companions. They are inescapably linked together. The horses have a lot to say, if we are still enough to perceive their whispers through the demands of our human psyche. A new way of being with horses is on the horizon. Come, stand in a field and listen closely... You may hear more than you expect.

About the Author:
Maeve Birch lives on the east coast of the US with her spouse and two cats. She became interested in horses at a young age, but was never able to take lessons. Horses remained at a distance until in her mid-twenties she began volunteering at various horse rescues, leading to an outright equine obsession.

After several years observing, interacting with, and listening to various horses, Maeve's first book began to take shape. In finding the courage to voice her opinions, she realized that the horses had their own voices and opinions to share with her. Many of the initial assumptions passed down to her about horse behavior and training were not what she was hearing from the horses. In searching out other ways to exist with equines, she found mentors online and in books who shared her outlook on what the human-horse relationship could become. Physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of that relationship became clearer. The interactions between horses and humans were changing. This book became part of that shift.

The names and details of humans and horses in her books are changed to protect the identities of those at the barns she visits. Her goal is to openly document her own experience for the horses and humans who might benefit from the stories shared.

Maeve's other hobbies include gardening, identifying birds, plants and other wildlife, stargazing, and painting. She spends many happy hours puttering around in her vegetable garden and sitting on a nice rock with a good view of a meadow. Someday she plans to have her own horses, but for now volunteering, lessons, and leasing will do.