Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Release: Idenity (Windfire #4) by Tamsin Silver

Congratulations to Tamsin Silver on the release of her urban fantasy Identity (Windfire #4)

Tamsin Silver, Windfire, Identity, vampires
Identity (Windfire)
by Tamsin Silver
Atlanta has lost her soul. Leaving in its place, Windfire, a woman who is a cold-blooded killer, who remembers nothing of her previous life, and sees Valencia as the savior of the Clandestine People. Unless Jensine, Roman, and Gray can help her soul find its way back to her body, she will follow Valencia’s orders, and destroy everything in her wake, including her relationships with her closest friends.

Unaware of Atlanta’s plight, Roman heads to Canada to find her as well as keep his promise to Pepper and save her son. Meanwhile, Sean and Stephan head out on a mission to find the elder witch Elizabeth studied with in hopes of learning more information about The Diana Prophecies. The simple assignment turns complicated, putting Sean’s promise to Roman, to keep Stephan safe, to the test.

The Superior Order are preparing for war. With Windfire siding with Valencia, they could overthrow The Great Order. However, there is a third player in town, and their presence alone could tip the scales if the Great Order can align with them.

Alliances are made as new heroes and enemies emerge while the threat of war closes in and the race to save Atlanta’s soul begins.

About the Author:
Tamsin L. Silver is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author from Michigan who now lives in NYC. While on the writing path, Tamsin graduated from Winthrop University with a BA in Theatre and a Secondary Education Certification. She's taught both middle school and high school theatre, run two theatre companies and holds awards for directing for both. She adores large dogs, Goth/Industrial music, and is addicted to Twitter.

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