Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Release:Sealed With A Kiss, A Djinn Novella (Alphas Unleashed Anthology) by Mina Khan

Congratulations to Mina Khan on having her Sealed With a Kiss, A Djinn novella included in the Alphas Unleashed Anthology!
Alphas Unleashed
by S.E. Smith, Michele Callahan, Mina Khan, Carolyn Jewel
A Hot New Sci-Fi and Paranormal Anthology: from S.E. Smith, Mina Khan, Carolyn Jewel and Michele Callahan

The Warriors' Heart: Marastin Dow Warriors Book 1.1 by S.E. Smith

Sealed With A Kiss, A Djinn Novella by Mina Khan

Dead Drop, A My Immortals Novella by Carolyn Jewel

Chimera Born: The Beginning, A Chimera Novella by Michele Callahan

About the Author:

Mina Khan started writing at an early age and in the third grade published a thought-provoking poem:

In the Temple of Pong
There is a gong

That rings 
in the middle of the night

Is it right 
for it to ring in the middle of the night?

Hard as it is to believe, she went on to win a few awards for her poetry and then decided to tackle serious writing – short stories, screen plays and books. After concerns expressed by her parents about her livelihood, Mina pursued a career in journalism – print and television.
She retired from full-time media work in 2007 to focus on her family and personal writing. Currently, she teaches cooking classes and writes about food for her day job.
Mina considers writing her greatest vice and her only salvation ~it drives her bat-shit crazy and keeps her sane.

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