Friday, September 26, 2014

For authors: Candid Covers- a free, private cover feedback service

Authors know the importance of a great book cover. The cover is the first impression your book makes. But even though an author knows this, some still try to squeak by with a sub par cover, and others have no idea their Photoshop skills are a hot mess. Some self-pub authors can do this successfully! Some. Can. Not.

How do you know if your cover will be successful or end up featured on a cover shaming blog? You need a trusted and objective view point. Not your friends, fans or family.

Wouldn't it be great if you could show your cover privately to a large panel of experienced bloggers, avid readers and graphic artists for an objective and honest opinion.

Candid Covers is a private Facebook group made up of bloggers, readers and graphic artists who are willing to give you some feedback for free. 

Authors can submit a cover which will be posted in our private group for two days, and the author will be invited into the group for the discussion. Only you and the group will see what goes on. The one rule is: What ever happens in Candid Covers, stays in Candid Covers. No one on our feedback panel will talk about or mention you or your covers outside of the group. Once you have gotten your cover feedback you will be removed from the group and your cover thread will be deleted. There will be no evidence of our discussion. Then the next cover/author will be invited in.

Now you need to be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly. The group's opinions are not a personal attack on you or your book, but we will not sugar coat things. On the plus side, you just might get some great advice on how to improve your cover. Look at us as cover editors.

To submit a cover send an email with "Candid Covers" in the subject line, along with your cover attached, the genre of your book and the blurb to

Once your cover is posted to the group, you can request to join here:

or I can send you an invite via email. If you would rather us discuss your book without you there, I can send you an email with all our comments when we are done.

Candid Covers is an experiment to see if authors want, cause let's face it...lots need it, this type of help. We will be making tweaks to the process once we find out what works and doesn't. The key is for everyone to behave professionally. If you don't like what is said about your cover that is fine. No one outside the group will ever know what was said so there is no reason to take your anger out on any of our panelists. They are doing this for free as a service to help self-pub authors.

Steps for submitting to Candid Covers
1. Send email with "Candid Covers" in the subject line with cover, blurb, genre (
2. Once given the go ahead join the group.
3. Put on your big girl/boy panties and bring a sense of humor (borrow one if you have too)
4. Have an open mind to feedback without getting defensive (hence the big girl/boy panties).
5. Ask questions, get advice.
6. Go forth and be awesome!

Remember the one rule:
What ever happens in Candid Covers, stays in Candid Covers.


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