Saturday, January 17, 2015

Creating an emotional connection when writing in third person POV

Since I am not a writer, I don't have any personal experience about some writing processes to draw from when giving advice to authors. That is why I am always interested when authors talk about their processes and ways to overcome obstacles in their writing. I like to visit blogs run by a group of authors. One of my favorites is Word-Whores. They have seven experienced authors who take turns talking about a subject each week. This gives me seven different perspectives on how to tackle writing problems.

This past week they talked about POVs and perspectives. Marcella Burnard's post "Closing the Perspective Gap" shared her tip for getting in touch with a character's feelings when writing in third person. She would draft in first person and then transcribe it to third. Give her post a read to find out why she started using this technique and how it worked for her.
series by Marcella Burnard

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