Monday, February 2, 2015

New Release: Alpha Male by Joshua Corey Mays

Congratulation to Joshua Corey on the release of his dark superhero thriller Alpha Male
Alpha Male
by Joshua Mays
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Kindle Price: $2.99
Length: 296 pages
Alpha Male has grown accustomed to the reverence and love from the people he protects. Over the years though, these people have grown complacent, forgetting about all this lone hero has done for them. Some still love him, but most see him as little more than a celebrity to gawk at and hold to an unreasonably high standard. That is, until a super villain shows up. With their city locked down in terror, the people turn to their hero once again. But, Alpha Male is used to stopping thugs, and carjackers, not super villains. Can he stop Omega Man before his city falls apart?

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