Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Release: Blindside by Tes Hilaire

Congratulations to Tes Hilaire on the release of her science fiction romantic suspense Blindside.
by Tes Hilaire
Jan 3, 2015
Agent Teigan Evans is used to secrets, but this time it’s personal. As an overworked, underappreciated field agent working for a highly classified government agency, he thought he’d seen everything—until he’s given his newest assignment. Someone is murdering the government’s top secret, genetically engineered V-10 soldiers, and they want Teigan to impersonate the assassin’s next target. The catch? The target is Teigan’s half-brother, a brother he never knew existed.

Aria Octavia Idyllis is used to being underestimated—people see only her blindness, which makes a perfect cover for the secrets she must hide. Like the fact that her aunt was involved in the program that created the V-10, and that she knows the identity of the assassin, as well as who his next victim will be. Not able to sit by while lives are at stake, she tracks down the V-10 soldier to warn him, and with this selfless act, ends up revealing her deepest secret… she’s a Viadal child as well.

With his brother’s life on the line, Teigan can’t afford the softening of his heart toward an unregistered Viadal. Aria is the only one who can draw the killer out, but using Aria on the mission will expose her identity to those who see her only as a weapon, not as the warm-hearted woman he has come to know. Teigan is faced with a choice, irrevocably alienate the woman of his dreams, or risk losing the brother he’s just found.
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