Monday, October 26, 2015

New Release: Eternal Forest: The Shadow of the Throne (book #3) by Faith Naff

Congratulations to Faith Naff on the release of his epic fantasy  Eternal Forest: The Shadow of the Throne (book #3)
Eternal Forest: The Shadow of the Throne (book #3)
by Faith Naff
October 24, 2015
277 pages
Chaos and uncertainty remain in the aftermath of the Balisekt War. With the Lands of Order in such a fragile state, the tribal races turn to Tranquility, their holy land, for guidance and stability. However, war has left the Temple more shaken than it appears. Silvermist, the great spiritual leader, has dispatched her forces into the territories in search of two fugitives, Sunrise and Firefly, who fled during the battle. She will not explain their crimes to anyone, breeding mistrust and hostility between the tribes and the Temple, but she cannot afford to let the truth be known. For Firefly has made a discovery that could bring the holy order crashing down. Many changes are coming in the Lady’s forest, and the seeds of revolution are being sown.

About the Author:
“People always ask me how I come up with my stories. I just tell them that it’s a matter of having A.D.D and putting it to good use.” — Faith Naff

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