Thursday, May 12, 2016

Short Story New Release: Dear Stranger by Sid Love

Congratulations to Sid Love on the release of his contemporary romance short story Dear Stranger
Dear Stranger
by Sid Love
May 10, 2016
28 pages
Reggie is a young man in his early twenties, living a quiet life. His blindness makes him over cautious in new situations, at least until one day on his way home when he meets a stranger, a man with a voice smooth as honey and burning hot as the most expensive whiskey, starts flirting with him. 

At first, Reggie is scared. The guy seems like a stalker but he soon realizes that the stranger means him no harm. On the contrary, he is attracted to Reggie and invites him home for a hot romp in bed. 

With the ball in his court now, Reggie needs to decide what to do. He could turn him down and continue living his life as it is—boring. Or, he could say yes and see where this unexpected ride takes him...

About the Author:
Sid Love is an avid reader and a freelance writer from an urban region of India, with strong aspirations to be a successful novelist one day. He is a member of the Gay Authors community and is listed to be one of their promising authors.

Other than the story that helped him win NaNoWriMo, he has several stories published under his name on the public domain. His most recent story “The Life of Him” was nominated for two categories for the Readers Choice Awards on GA.

As a reader, he prefers almost everything in any genre as long as it keeps him entertained. While creativity, uniqueness and drama impresses him a lot, over-descriptiveness, over-sweetness and bad editing makes him cringe.

He has a degree in Accounts and Finance, and a Masters’ degree for the same. Also, Sid has developed keen interest and skills in professional Graphic Designing/Animation.

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