Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Reign Drops (The Boodborne Series Book 1) by C. Patt

Congratulations to C. Patt on the release of her debut urban fantasy Reign Drops (The Boodborne Series Book 1)
Reign Drops (The Boodborne Series Book 1)
by C. Patt
June 27, 2016
Dalia, a translator for the University’s missionary program, is called home. Her tribe, the final remnants of the Mayan civilization, are convinced the end of the calendar will trigger the deathly legends that sent them into hiding in the first place. Having spent more than half her life in the care of nuns, Dalia is skeptical that magic is real, but returns to support her sisters who must face the challenges set before them.

Through a twist of fate the job is forced upon her.

Magic takes hold of Dalia and refuses to let go as she finds herself thrust into the role of protector. Legend dictates she must convince the Enforcer who has crossed into their lands to help with her quest, but he has other plans. Struggles of life and death face Dalia as she learns that the world of magic and monsters really does exist.

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