Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New Release: How Not To Be A Rogue: Trials of Amaford Novella by Zack Brooks

Congratulations to Zack Brooks on the release of his fantasy novella How Not to be a Rogue.
How Not To Be A Rogue: Trials of Amaford Novella
by Zack Brooks
December 19, 2018
173 pages
Amaford, a city of prosperity and trade. Merchants flock to it, sailors swear by it, but the people curse its name. For a city of such stature, its dark side runs to its core. Its people struggle to survive the harsh conditions that comes with its popularity. More so, the people of its Bridge Districts, or better known as the slums. This is where we find our story, a story covered in filth and poverty.

What started out as a typical day in Amaford becomes something more as a young urchin finds himself constantly plotted against lady luck. Jimmy, a teenager with a long streak of bad jokes and a loose tongue, is forced into a situation that could change his life forever. Armed with a handful of knives, sub-par wit and the charm of a feral kitten, he finds himself struggling to save the day. It’s in this day that only Jimmy can show you what it’s like when shit truly hits the fan.

About the Author:
Zack Brooks is a new writer who likes to dabble in the fantasy world. He deals in the generic fantasy realm but also dips his toes in the world of urban fantasy. With his main series being The Amaford Trial, it becomes clear that sarcasm could be considered his first language.

Outside of writing, Zack is a husband and a father of three. All whom he lives to embarrass at every opportunity. Being a nerd and a homebody in New Hampshire it's no wonder he has chosen to spend what little free time he has clicking away and filling in those blank pages that scream to be filled.

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