Friday, May 14, 2021

New Release: Aliens from Arapholanx: The Hero's Price (Arapholanx Archive Book 3)

Congratualtions to Adam D. Sipperly on the release of his science fiction/urban fantasy Aliens from Arapholanx: The Hero's Price (Arapholanx Archive Book 3)
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Aliens from Arapholanx: The Hero's Price (Arapholanx Archive Book 3)
by Adam D. Sipperly
May 7, 2021
214 pages
War rages on.

Magic remains an enduring mystery.

With wounded pride, the plutonians hold nothing back. The galaxy will be theirs, even if it must first be reduced to ash.

The rebellion, however, continues to fight. New alliances on Venus and Mercury have reinvigorated their efforts. The galaxy will not simply bend to plutonian rule.

But with such a heavy burden placed upon its leaders, cracks are starting to show.

Mistakes are made.

Promises are forgotten.

Trust is broken.

At the head of the rebellion, Patrick does what he deems necessary to keep them moving forward.

But, as he will soon find out, there is a hefty price for playing hero.


Fans of urban fantasy and space operas will love the mash-up in Aliens from Arapholanx.

Get it now!

About the Author:
At the age of twelve, Adam Sipperly fell in love with writing when he finished the first draft of Aliens from Arapholanx. He would spend the next decade and a half growing and changing the story before presenting it to the world. While the Arapholanx universe continued to grow, Adam also began expanding his writing into new worlds and stories. His writing is inspired by his love of science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. He hopes through his writing he is able to create new worlds for others to get lost in and enjoy with him.

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