Monday, August 29, 2022

New Release: Dendre by John Cherpak

Congratulations to John Cherpak on the release of his science fiction thriller Dendre.
by John Cherpak
August 27, 2022

Six hundred years ago, humanity left a dying Earth to colonize the uninhabited planets of Aphrodite, Sobek, and Rhea. Each new world developed their own cultures and religions and lived in harmony until the Republic of Havasar depleted the natural resources on Aphrodite.

The Republic of Havasar then conquered Taltronia, planet Sobek’s sole continent. And for nearly two hundred years, it has been under authoritarian Havasaran rule.

Sergeant Jasper Ogtredder, a Havasaran policeman, recently took a job in occupied Taltronia’s Territorial Police. Victor Creo, a low-level office worker and member of the subjugated Taltronian ethnic group, is just trying to survive and get by. However, his brother, Constantine, wants to liberate their home city of Dendre from the imperial rule at any cost.

The fates of these three men collide as a vicious terrorist group and the colonizing country battle to determine who will control Dendre.

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