Tuesday, April 11, 2023

New Release: "Rats and Rapscallions" in A Bookworm of a Suspect (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology)

Congratulations to Rune Stroud on her short story "Rats and Rapscallions" in A Bookworm of a Suspect (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology)

A Bookworm of a Suspect (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology)
April 11, 2023
From bookstores to libraries, mischief and murder is on the rise.
Follow 30 sleuths as they tackle the ultimate case, to catch a bookworm red-handed.

Will their love of books solve the case before it's too late?
Spend the next month solving a mystery a day from the best cozy mystery authors in the industry.

In Order of Appearance:

Murder in the Stacks by Verena DeLuca
Blood Orange Latte by NAK Baldron (Paranormal)
Dead-End Weekend by Denise Jaden
Rats and Rapscallions by Rune Stroud (Paranormal)

Short Story
When Autumn is called to humanely remove some rodents from the witches and wizards magical book repository, the alarms sound and the entire building is shut down.

Now, not only does she have to catch the little family of rats, but when she witnesses the criminals who broke in, she feels it necessary to get involved.

Can she rescue both the rats and the lawbreakers without being injured herself?
Lurker in the Library by K.L. Montgomery
Under the Gun by Lise McClendon
A Cat's Tale by MK Scott
Seed You Later by Lisa Bouchard (Paranormal)
A Novel Thief by Jessica Baker (Paranormal)
A Book to Die For by Jennifer S. Alderson
Blood on the Books by Elle Wren Burke (Paranormal)
The Littlest Book Thief by ACF Bookens
The Library Attic Attack by Iris March
Ghostwriters and Gravediggers by Brittany E. Brinegar
Reading into the Root of the Problem by Elle Hartford (Paranormal)
Scarlet Letters by Alicia Ellis
Catheter Cliffs by Mary Lucal
A Wisp of Murder by Kathryn Mykel
Claws, Paws and Secret Doors by Polly Holmes (Paranormal)
Primary Source by Kelly Brakenhoff
Stacked by Stella Bixby
Book Nook Murder by C. Farren
A Mystery for the Books by Angela K. Ryan
Poodle Versus the Superhero by Anne Shillolo
A Page Before Dying by Julie Anne Lindsey
A Cat Catalog Catastrophe by Krista Lockheart
Cookbook Caper by Nicolette Pierce
Blank Pages and Spilled Ink by Mary B. Barbee
The Menace of By Adriana Licio
The Demon's in the Details by Kate Darroch (Paranormal)


About the Author:
Rune has been telling tall tales since the age of five. Ghost stories and other paranormal tales are her favorites, especially if they’re funny.

When she was a child, she had an invisible friend. Now that she’s gotten older, she collects weird characters and odd people, both in her books and in real life. She’s a veteran, a mom, and a grandma. She’s also trainable. As proof, the squirrels have trained her to refill the bird feeder on command, and a local stray cat trained her to feed him even though he rewards her with hissing and won’t let her pet him.

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