Tuesday, October 17, 2023

New Release: The Shadow City Book Two: Days Gone Next by Claire S Duffy

Congratulations to Claire S Duffy on the release of her urban fantasy The Shadow City Book Two: Days Gone Next
The Shadow City Book Two: Days Gone Next
by Claire S Duffy
August 31, 2023
You can't out run fate...
However hard you try.

A dangerous killer is terrorising Glasgow.

No man is safe.

Young men are disappearing and the police are baffled. Harry's job is on the line and only Kirsty knows that the killer doesn't exist in the twenty-first century...

The answer lies in 1590 where Solveig faces a race against time to understand the truth she has been hiding from -- before she is convicted of witchcraft.

Kirsty wants nothing more than to grab Frej and get on the first plane to anywhere, but when the killer targets Harry, Kirsty has to face up to what she is before the people she loves are destroyed.

Can Kirsty take on a killer who terrifies even Owen... before it's too late?

Don't miss the spellbinding sequel to Before Again...

"I honestly can't wait for the next book in this series as I NEED to know what happens to Kirsty and the gang!"



About the Author:
When she’s not wandering around Glasgow dreaming up sexy vikings and tears in the fabric of time, Claire S Duffy writes best selling the crime fiction series Glasgow Kiss and the Stockholm Murders under CS Duffy. She’s also a screenwriter and blogs about the feminist dawn of Hollywood at Fully Fifty-Fifty on Substack.

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