Monday, November 10, 2014

New Release: Jinxed (Karma #2) by Donna Augustine

Congratulations to Donna Augustine on the release of Jinxed book two in her urban fantasy series Karma
Jinxed, urban fantasy, Donna Augustine, editor, cover
JINXED (Karma, #2)
by Donna Augustine
ebook, 322 pages

Karma, it’s what they call me and the very essence of who I am. When I died young, I was recruited by the agency that keeps the Universe running smoothly. As someone with a human past, most of my coworkers consider me inferior.

But not everyone. Something evil has been stalking me for centuries. It’s been biding its time, waiting for the moment when it will strike and it needs me to to do it.

Its methods of recruitment are tearing apart every aspect of my life. I’m slowly losing myself, both mentally and physically. I don’t know who I can count on but I'm finding out how much I'm willing to sacrifice to save the ones I care about. 

About the Author:
Donna Augustine’s lifelong ambition was to become the crazy cat lady. Unfortunately, when family allergies cut short her dream of living in a house full of furries, she turned her ambitions toward writing. Combining her love of fantasy, scifi, horror and romance, she tries to string together interesting twists on urban fantasy.

A native of New Jersey, when she isn’t writing, or overdosing on caffeine, she can occasionally be spotted in disguise at the local dog park.

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