Tuesday, November 1, 2022

New Release: An Aquarium of Deceit (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology)

 Congratulations to Rune Stroud on the release of her short story "Turtles and Terrible People" in the cozy mystery in An Aquarium of Deceit (A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology) 

by Verena DeLuca, Elle Hartford, Rune Stroud, Kathryn Mykel, Patty Joy, Casey Jones
July 28, 2022
Swimming with the fishes takes on a new meaning as our sleuths find themselves in deep water with their latest culprits. From fish tanks to aquariums, murder knows no bounds when it comes to getting revenge. Enjoy eight flopping wet mysteries from the comfort of your chair.

An Otter Disgrace by Kathryn Mykel
The Toledo Aquarium is reef with strange happenings.
Join Katherine and Cole along with their friend Becks for another unusual case. Does an employee’s transgression cause an otter disgrace? Find out if our amateur sleuths sea their way in, or tank the investigation?

Clownfish & Corruption by Verena DeLuca
Exotic animals, small-town murder, and romance.
What more can a girl ask for?
I love animals. It’s why I opened an animal sanctuary.
But when the sheriff called me to identify a fish, I had no idea it would lead to an investigation into the death of a college freshman.
Why in the world would he swallow a clownfish? Snorkel with me as I paddle through the evidence.

Spines of Omission by Elle Hartford
A traveling aquarium has come to Belville, and Red and her friends are thrilled to get a private tour. But not everyone in town is as excited, and unexpected dangers lurk beneath the surface appearance of colorful fun. When a murderer strikes, Red will have to explore the aquarium’s hidden depths to find the truth.

Turtles and Terrible People by Rune Stroud
Rescue is her life.
After rescuing a sea turtle from its kidnappers, Rune thinks that she’ll have a leisurely dinner and head to the hotel. The threads of fate aren’t done with her, though, and she soon meets a pair of grandmothers who let her in on a little secret. She’s needed to rescue one more animal, this time a human.

About the Author:
Rune has been telling tall tales since the age of five. Ghost stories and other paranormal tales are her favorites, especially if they’re funny.

When she was a child, she had an invisible friend. Now that she’s gotten older, she collects weird characters and odd people, both in her books and in real life. She’s a veteran, a mom, and a grandma. She’s also trainable. As proof, the squirrels have trained her to refill the bird feeder on command, and a local stray cat trained her to feed him even though he rewards her with hissing and won’t let her pet him.

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